According to current registration policies adopted by all major registries, each domain registrant is required to provide accurate, complete and current personal data that is made publicly available on the internet, for everyone to see with a few clicks of a button. This data usually includes the name, address and email addresses of the registrant. The use of incomplete, fake or incorrect data is a violation of the registration agreement and may lead to the deletion of the domain name.

To protect a registrant from abuse of his data, through its partners provides a privacy protection service, effectively shielding his information and keeping his data confidential. By use of this service, the registrant can provide alternate contact data and thus is protected against most common forms of abuse, such as:

  • spamming,
  • identity theft,
  • harrassment,
  • stalking,
  • data mining,
  • other illegal purposes.

Please see below how the registrants privacy can be protected:

Whois with Proxy Service enabled
Registrant of: <DOMAIN>
604 Cameron Street
+64 4 831 9528
Whois without Proxy Service
Mike Miller
1234 Your Street
Smalltown, Ca
+1-555-123 4567

The encrypted string is created for each whois request and protects you against spam due to a limited term of expiry and at the same time ensures that the registrant will be able to receive messages directed to him. While he will retain full control and ownership of your domain name, his privacy is protected. The registrants own data will be escrowed to protect his ownership interests in the domain name.

The registrant can be contacted through the encrypted email address only. Mails sent to the physical address will be rejected or destroyed, callers will be redirected to this page.

The service is not intended to provide a cover for illegal or morally questionable activities, such as spamming, distribution of viruses, abuse or infringement of the law or copyrights. If we detect abusive use or it is reported to us, we retain the right to immediately disclose the identity of the registrant to the complainant or to altogether terminate our service for the offending domain.